Publication – research

In addition to organising temporary exhibitions and activities for the public, the René Magritte Museum team regularly publishes works devoted to the artists in its collection.

Anyone with a strong interest in modern art and abstraction in particular is welcome to apply. Please send us an e-mail.

Publication edited by the René Magritte Museum (available in English):

Musée René Magritte (1999-2009) : 10 years

André Garitte, 64 p., Ed. René Magritte Museum/Pandora, 2009.

Summary: Ten years of existence of the René Magritte Museum is a pivotal moment. This catalogue reveals the museum’s past, present and future. The past as Magritte lived in his house and what he did with it (from 1930 to 1954). The present, with the evolution of the museum over these ten years (from 1999 to 2009). And the future, with plans to extend the museum in the next few years.